Apothecary 420 (Medical & Adult Use 21+) Est. 2006 Serving our community for 11 years! Open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm Sunday 10am-8pm Order Online @ http://tbkr.co/ap420 *Prices displayed do not include tax (Medical:+24.5% / Recreational: +34.5%) Medical Patients (18+) must present Valid ID & MMJ Recommendation/MMIC Card Recreational Users (21+) must present (1) Valid ID First-Timers receive a Flower Gram of their choice! (For $1.28 tax w/ a purchase of $20 before tax) Referrals, come in with your First-Timer to receive an 1/8th of House Flower! (For $4.50 tax w/ a purchase of $30 before tax)


License : A10-18-0000239-TEMP, M10-18-0000309-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 15374 Dickens St.
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Zip : 91403


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